Текст песни Capone-N-Noreaga - Thug Planet

Исполнитель: Capone-N-Noreaga
Artist: Capone-N-Noreaga f/ Iman T.H.U.G., Mussolini
Album: War Report 2
Song: Thug Planet
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[Iman T.H.U.G.] (Noreaga)
(Ayo war report 2 yo! yo!) Check it
Check it check it yo yo yo (Yoo war report 2 ahhh!)
Check it check it yo yo yo (ayo iman what up!!)
Check it check it yo yo yo (ohhh mussolini ohh)
Check it check it yo yo yo (Ayo muse what it is!)
Check it check it yo yo yo (Cnn what it is!! )
Check it check it yo yo yoo (Yoo we over here!)
check it check it yo yo yo (yo what we is, yoo)

[Chorus 2X: Iman T.H.U.G.]
Iman bizzyy, CNN, war report 2, come thru
Who you? what they want do?..
Never get void, made off, break you off
like we suppose to ro-tisserie roast you

Yo yo.. yo. ayo..
Big loads of fish scale
guns from israel
dude name Ishmael told me that his shit sell
good coke Korean
cars European
bosnia, somalia
places that we be in
CNN iman bizzy mussolini
the war report 2 is the camouflage cd
Syria, Liberia, your interior
inferior, filthy bacteria
Queens shit I rep that, so expect that
If I ain't got a yankee then I probably got a met hat
laundry mat trap let the tek clap respect that
bleeding from the back of your head I call you wet back
cigarette face with the ashy elbows
they ain't find his body they found his shell toes
they ain't find his body they found the nigga scarf
his dam dna was all over the park.. b'cuz..


[Iman T.H.U.G]
yo yo..
Perfect combination brake locks and open safes
a bi-racial verbal knife will see your face
the thug iman CNN and mussolini
thug planet no escape thru rap capplers
we lay you on the grave and shit on your name
foul disgusting light fuse to blow up the game
you know the team you see the green we doing things
take it to your face blood all over the place

Is the black Vinnie the chin this is how is goin down
got goons that's holding rounds
my niggas is rolling pounds
fuck your repertoire anybody get scared
its still anybody killers with these retards
its still 9720
and still don't nothing move but the money
plotting on the fakes on they leave for the country
niggas go that sour and that china white chunky! aha..


"This what they want huh
this what get they blood pressure boiling"..
yea ayo ayo ayo
Rose lenses in the glasses
its all gymnastics couple flips get money and stash it
I'm mister p with the black plastic uhhhhhhh!!!
no limits no gimmicks triple black ratchet
got a hoe from somalia my niggas tear the lobby up
face wrapped in turban hop back in the suburban
I'm from queens bridge land of the planet rock
your man get shot
talking that bullshit fuck whipping the phantom drop
gimme a hoopti
and nore a loosey
and we will pull a drive-by niggas salute me
I'm the fly nigga out the group the rag around the hammer is Gucci
I rock pink the same color as coochi
this iman thug some-stunning
the holy channel who dumping
N.o.r stab niggas at the bar
this is camouflage season
them niggas with the masks gone squeeze em
we still report niggas even thou we lost niggas


check it yo yo yo
check it
check it yo yo yoo
check it check it yo yo yooo
check it check it yo yo yo
yea yea

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