Текст песни League of Legends OST - Hecarim

Исполнитель: League of Legends OST
Muttering whispers into the night
Rumors of shadows fill all with fright
Thundering hooves, earth shattering
A vision of war tearing limb from limb

From the abyss, enigma of death
Who is this beast that rose from the west?
Demacias finest, stricken with fear
He'll ride you down, until your last breath

Hecarim, the shadow of war
The horror draws nearer, the essence of fear
No use to run, lay down in defeat
Say your last prayer, this is your last heartbeat

*Chant* Sing Sing Hecarim *Chant*
Whisper my name, again and again
I feast on the violence of men
I rise in the wake of destruction
The blood that is spilled is giving me strength
This is the song of all dying souls


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