Текст песни Protest the Hero - Palms Read (Instrumental)

Исполнитель: Protest the Hero
As often as always evolution is crawling from the sea
Alive with urgency like suicide convinced the grass is greener on dry earth.

The march of serrated utterance like a soft cough
Muffled murmur sneaking through the lecture hall.
The crawl across the island, the sound of waves
Embodied water sprouting legs as loud as gallop

Cuffing down on ground against the cries of gravity
All the young people who took a leap without faith into a riverbed
That drowns about as much as it saves

All the young cowards acting out for the braves forever hurled
Into the waters of their indifferent graves.

Belly-up, half buried in the sand.
Extend a hand to the smallness of death
Understand that only dying is this colossal
Creation shedding skin to find a perfect equilibrium like fossils

For a million years raise your glass in cheers
We will never answer where we came from
Only how we got here.

Видео Protest the Hero - Palms Read (Instrumental)

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