Текст песни Carpenters - Slow Dance

Исполнитель: Carpenters

It's a slow dance
Take a little time for some romance
Come a little closer baby, slow dance
Whisperin' the words I want to hear

It's been a long night
Now my head is on your shoulder and it's so right
Your sweet and gentle kisses on these closin' eyes
Tonight I will be dreaming of you

[*] When I saw you for the first time
I never thought that this could be
I never thought you'd come my way
I never thought I'd hear you say 'dance with me'

Now it's a slow dance

[Repeat *]

Now it's a slow song
Seems that I've been waiting for it so long
Waiting for this moment and someone like you
To make all my dreams come true

Someone like you, oh baby

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