Текст песни Teitanblood - Sleeping Throats of the Antichrist

Исполнитель: Teitanblood
With the sluggish violence of silent words, sermons of salt will come from above, double-edged tongues sharper than the sword, infesting untouched womb of the unspoken Mystery.
Vision granted of utter darkness by fervent heat, baptized in drought through the catacombs of life, all nerves and minds thus dissolve.
Sewn mouths now speaking of disfigured truths. Sleeping throats of the Antichrist.
Filled with the gift of salvation, imago reverts to larva as a dog returns to its vomit and the Lord returns to his feast.
Benevolent are the wounds of a friend, wounds washed in caustic urine and blackened prophecies.
Precious is the sight of the Lord is the death of His faithful servants, choked by a thousand serpents and bloodier means.
Shed! repugnance from sin, faith from the shield, words from the swords, safety from His blood.
Reap! sterile seeds, yawning scars, scattered limbs, the light from the above is eaten.
Burning prayers now smothering under the Lord. Under his name and our God.
Writhe! all laws in red convulsing depths, all seeing waters, all harvested horrors.
Chasten! the damned to bless, the chosen to curse, the leprous to disrobe, the ultimate sacrifice.
Sleeping throats of the Antichrist.
In gratitude for the redeeming wounds, the Son returns to the parental seed for He is hungry, and we give him to eat, for He is thirsty and we give him to drink.
Purify! as the jaws of bestial Earth stab your ribs. Sanctify! with your lungs burning of sulphur in the fiery lake.
Open graves have feared and trembled, carved effigies have melted under the waters. High praises sputtered from the between gnashed teeth, exalting Heavenly rigour from the excrement of God.
And darkness was all, and all was darkness… and the corrupt blood poured from the bottomless skies.
From the hungry eyes that lust after the beyond to the nose blinded by the stench of despair, from the snout avid of disintegration’s smoke to the vengeful mouth of cleansing fire introduced to reason.

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