Текст песни Midnight club 2 - Buck'em Down

Исполнитель: Midnight club 2
Verse 1]

Y’all motherfuckers is coming and ready
I’m coming bucking busting it heavy
I got a motherfucking pistol for you faggots, come get me
I’m like a cyclone spinning with a house up in it
I’m lifting and spitting shit till you motherfuckers stop living
It’s imminent when I’m spitting it, lyrically I am limitless
You better off sitting on your ass instead of tempting it
I been the best at it like it was chess and I invented it
Player you ain’t a veteran so stop like you killing it
I be the all real ? gentleman
Pulling my gat on these motherfuckers that’s backpeddling
I fucking murder these cowards with less showers
With the force of my javelin tossed into their abdomen
I don’t give a fuck, I got my word and my nuts
And I don’t bust it for none of them, you faggots are fucked
I’m on point till the end of it, the pharaoh or the pyramid
Deal or no deal, I go for the steel in a millisecond



[Verse 2]

Coming with that hard shit, leaving fucking stains on your carpet
My target locked on weighing on your conscience
We mindbenders, divine rhyme agenda
It’s a fine line between you lifetime offenders
It’s Rando on the mic, soldier I told ya
With a chip on my shoulder won’t stop till the fight’s over
It’s getting colder like your first time flowing at an open mic
Head spinning like the Poltergeist
If I told you once then I told you twice
Randam Luck so deadly even fucking up your afterlife
Pack a knife in my waistband in case these crazy-ass motherfuckers
Trying to step up out of place, man
Quick to kick a flow, high off the chemical
Rip a show, all your bitches riding on my genitals
Cats look the same like they was Mike and Latoya
Cracking on your brain like ? and De La Hoya


[Verse 3]

I put a whole in your skull for intentional grounding
On the floor with nobody around, collect my bounty
I’m from the underground like the people on Thriller
Take your life for the shine like a serial killer
I’m fucking with your mind cause I’m mentally iller
From a halfway house with some criminal niggas
I’m going all out for your name with triggers
Snipe you in the dome ? from behind the pillar
My actions brainwash souls like the Vatican
For hard-headed cats, I’mma show em the Mac 10
Spray you in the face like Pacman
Your brain look like ?, we jet in the black van
This shit I do illegal as a digital download
Serving up more beef than Ronald McDonald
Smoke motherfuckers like they’re nothing but bong-loads
Cut your ass from behind till you like Rondo


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