Текст песни Ангелы и Демоны - Их разговор

Исполнитель: Ангелы и Демоны

leave it out out of nowhere right?
i hear them bitchin' i just don't wanna fight
and i don't wanna go feelin'
that i just might leave it
and i'm one i'm two you're right
we're like a motorhead of speed we're up for fights
and we bring that feeling
of that rock' n' roll dreaming

we're so close i can hear them breathing
it's like i feel that i don't belong
and when it's done i can hear them screaming
oh this night it seems so long
they're out of turn i can see them falling
it's like a dream that i had for long
and when they drop i would love to catch them
spit them out and kill 'em all

suck it in suck it in suck it out
we're goin' nowhere so you better just stop and shout
and we're out there screamin'
doin' hell signs to the dugout beatin'
and i'm this i'm this you are that
we bring that rockin' off the damned black wizard's hat
you've gotta stop that whinin'
do this tune it's a fume that's rhymin'

i am one i am two you're right
it's like a fucking motorhead of speed
and we bring that feeling
just kill 'em all

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