Текст песни ?Simple Stuff - Escape.Спасение

Исполнитель: ?Simple Stuff

Up at the surface your ahead in the game
Top of the line, and you got all the fame
Your caught in a illusion that’s blinding your eyes
My soul deep inside is falling apart
The pressure is risin. Decaying my heart
Every thing is cavin in so deep from the core

I needa escape
The darkness is here
I will never fear
You’ve opened up my eyes
And now I realize
You were always here
The light has shown the way. I got no reason to hide, to hide
Energy that generates the life deep inside, inside

Long through the night I will survive
Still I Keep on fallin but I feel so alive
But I’ll keep on fight to the break of the day
I feel a change that’s taking control
I feel a freedom deep in my soul
I’m breaking down the walls holding me back

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