Текст песни Firewater - Strange Life

Исполнитель: Firewater
It’s been a strange night
Radio Istanbul and a seasick flight
And such a cold day
So many empty voices with important things to say
Ah, but you smile
‘Cause you know you won’t be hanging for the trial
They’ll have to judge you in absentia for a while
And you [indecipherable] touches down
In a new town
It’s been a strange life

It’s been a bad year
Far too many Xs in the atmosphere
Just like a dull knife
You never know when you’re gonna feel the bite
Ah, but you laugh
The immigration man he wants your autograph
And you catch your sad reflection in the glass
But you wash it from your memory like a stain

In a slow drain
It’s been a strange life

Strange life…

It’s been a strange life
Stumbling up the stairs and looking for the light
There are no just laws
You know one man’s battle is another’s lost cause
Ah, but you grin
‘Cause there’s a sense of something coming on the wind
And you really can’t wait for it to begin
And you’re just another stranger in a strange town
As you touch down.
It’s been a strange life…

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