Текст песни The Hangmen - What a Girl Can't Do

Исполнитель: The Hangmen

Well, listen here, girl, I wanna talk to you, now
My friends say you been seein' somebody new
Say you been stabbin' me right in the back
Runnin' our love down a one-way track
No little girl of mine's gonna act like that

Well, I told you what a girl can't do
You should know by now that I was talkin' to you
I don't wanna have to tell you what a girl can't do
To me

Well, I've been thinkin' 'bout it, girl, I won't tell you again, now
Cheatin' on me is the ultimate sin
I don't give a tinker's [dam], baby, what you do
I got a half a dozen women, baby, just like you
Ain't no woman gonna treat me the way that you do

Well, do you think I care if you leave or stay
I couldn't care less, that's the way I'm made
I ain't gonna cry if you leave me flat'
Cause there ain't no woman that's worth all that
Baby, I hope you know just where you're at

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