Текст песни Blue Stahli - ULTRAnumb (шикарно звучит)

Исполнитель: Blue Stahli

3, 2, 1
You want it full frontal, over stimulation

So say a benediction
For a new addiction
In voyeuristic overdrive

(here comes the countdown)
3 - this is the new flesh
2 - this is the open door
1 - we've got everything you wanted

You want it all right now!
Right now!

(3, 2, 1)
So degraded
The show has just begun

By all you hated
This will make you ultranumb

3, 2, 1
Reality's a plague, we're the medication

A new manipulation
Over saturation
Take advantage of what you deny

(here comes the countdown)
3 - so step right up and see
2 - the possibilities
1 - we are everything you wanted

You want it all right now
(ultra numb)
Right now

One confession is such perfection
Your sweet repression can't hide who you really are

Say you love it
Say you hate it
Doesn't matter 'cause you're all the same

Say you want it
Say you need it
Come and get it 'cause we love the shame

Say you love it
Say you hate it
Just another one to suck the fame

Don't pretend that you're better than this
Malevolence goes both ways

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