Текст песни Guano Apes - First true love affair

Исполнитель: Guano Apes

Simulate the nerve
cut in the base and it hurts
are you afraid
when they start to remove the tooth?
I feel the direction
not the perfection of the youth.
nothing to choose, nobody chooses
blocked up in their eyes
innocent innocent girl
you do it in a favor for the blood
just hoping for common in nothing
circulation my fascination of the crimetime
crime, time, crying from the right
have you lost the most
forth of a intelligent prevention
someone is there,
just someone lives behind
from his rear of the true love affair
love is a thing you will need on a sunday,
run away,
run across this to get provision foreplay
hey, wait!
what's the name of the game?
what game?
who's to blame?

My first true love affair
Please never go away
My first true love affair
Please never break my heart
You've got a hold on me
It will take me back to start
Stay with me, set me free

I get twisted, I'm gonna fight
a fuck in some storm surround
rocks some of my emotion
natural devotion, breathing emotion
with a body of a madman
turning to my bend if you can
and let you whiz the wisp
of ever bring me down
over cause in the winters
sex of crime, love and shrine
you are the man of the dream in the time
trusting the love like a roler
making sure this love is pure
and nothing but a schooler
hey fool
and your thought drops
to believe the right
to share with you the last song
we've got convoy canoes
how to be a boy, how to be a girl
how to be everyone with the same love remark,
the same lover's dark
soul to roam alone.

you're fooled,

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