Текст песни veara - Between Friends And A Hard Place

Исполнитель: veara
Stuck in the middle and I feel like a smoking gun.
You're pointing fingers and I feel like that I'm the one.
Falling in between the cracks of my friends and everything that never meant a thing.
I'm going to die alone down here.
I've made my mind. I've done my time trying to make you satisfied. Why don't you just figure it out? For myself, I'm on my own now. I'm on my own.
I could pick and choose, but either way I'll lose.
I've bit the bullet far too long, but to spit it back at who?
I'm tired of living life playing a guessing game. Planning on who to frame.
I don't deserve the blame. I can't stay on the fence forever.
So I find myself in between a place that I hate to be.
I'm breaking out and I'm moving on. Where do I go from here?
Come on kid, just figure it out.

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