Текст песни Escape The Fate - One For The Money (Acoustic 2014)

Исполнитель: Escape The Fate
areya ready? lets go everybody in the world are ya with me? it's too late to try to run we run the city
its my time it's your time held me down now its dont give a fuck time its go time it's show time
sing it with me everybody lets go, cause its
**one, its one, one for the money, two its two cause two is for the show three its three three to get ready are ya ready mother fuckas are ya ready lets go.
let me see ya start a war start a riot, when there's nuthin left to burn hear the silence
hate me ya cant escape me and you aint never gonna change me, i cant stand it ivefuckin had it
im about to blow!
areya ready? lets go!

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