Текст песни Disruption - Skylines (ft. Shawn Milke of Alesana)

Исполнитель: Disruption

The sky is burning red
With blood
With the blood everything we've dreamed of
Was this all the fault of ignorance
While we stand here and watch our world collapse
When will we realize
It's one for all
Not all for one
For they've spoken about our pain
Bloody hands and a rusty blade
Should we've read this between the lines
Into ashes our souls will finally go

It's all a game
But even now
I feel so afraid
I know it hurts
So I'll take the time to dry your eyes
Take my hand, until the end

Their golden walls are falling down
What will you do when they have taken everything that you've callen so meaningful
While the blood of the martyrs are flowing down
When they all have died in vain?
But it's not the right of them to say

Chorus (repeat)

Oh the ashes are burning into the air
With their palaces crumbling unto the ground
This is not the time to rest
But only now what is right be wrong
Oh, the sirens will ring as they burn in hell
But every tick of the clock is another life
Oh it's all in our hands what is yet to come
Here is now but will we come to act.?

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