Текст песни MYRKR - Intro / Deep into a Void of Tree and Branches

Исполнитель: MYRKR

Deep into the void of trees and branches,
There is a singing sound of stray wanderers
They are not anymore,
but their echo remains in whispers long gone

I talk into the mist without answers,
Yet they tell within me their memories
in misty tracks I wander,
following the once of a distant memory

They tell me more than any word of this world...

Could I remain like their echo in the woods?
I look into my own faith,
which wants to be,
Remain here within the darkness,
There is all.

I can not live anymore in the world of yours.

In the darkness I can rest until this world has ceased
Tree and branch covers me as I close my eyes

Now remain deep within the void

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