Текст песни Crooks UK - Above Me

Исполнитель: Crooks UK

Am I avoiding this breaking down?
The every year you've forgot to count
And I've rejected to left this house

I guess, I realized
something when I fell.
It wasn't your trouble to
leave me here,
I left my sorry heart
with you.

No wonder today it's why you're leaving everything you known
maybe footsteps left me follow (?) where I'm meant to lay
I'll find you waiting in my head
I'll be home again!

Just leave me here resting
The words will cover
every step
But least don't cover every step

I had every day we walk
the weather still reminds me of

I had a lot to explain
I had a lot to explain

Where were you waiting
that day?
I was your buddy
we'd sit and we'd rest
when you begged me to
feel the same

And I feel myself for days
I was the sound of you
holding my breath
And you beckoned to push me away
when you begged me up to feel the same

Am I alone?
Am I as safe as I was
Am I the gainer that we
lost it all?
You faint, it becomes me

Now I'm at the point where
my lungs give out
I need you closer now

I am every day we lost
The Tuesday, the grammar above me

Me, I'm fine

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