Текст песни nghtbs - flow (bones cover)

Исполнитель: nghtbs

Ride slow, eyes low
Fuck with me or die alone
Ride the flow around we go
Anything you need, we got 'em yo
Drugs, guns, diamonds, bullets droppin' like "Geronimo!"
I inhale what I got rolled up now life's like a kaleidoscope
Never see me change, I always been the same
They picked up the trends, I just picked up the game
I picked up a flow, I picked up a chain
I put down the game every rap that I made
See I'm goin', bitch, just like that
Roll in the back of the turbo 'Vette
Got a turbo tech with a turbo jet
Click clack, boom boom, make a turbo mess
Tears drippin' down your face like it's rainin' out
You lookin' scared cause the Team and the Raiders out
Bitch, look, I'm a bring the tables out
Five-star splash from the top, he ain't make it out
I'll take your life, sip your blood out a golden cup
I'm feelin' like the Brood evertyime I'm pourin' up

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