T.I. - Pledge Allegiance (Feat. Rick Ross)

: T.I.

Ay count that money for me partner
Ay Ross make sure that nigga got that shit right, ya hear me?
Ay, let a motherfucker go ding, thats a 150 thou
Yeah, that shit should add up to about 5.4
I be right back, Im finna go get dressed
Tell tha nigga to gas up tha jet

[Chorus: T.I.]
I stay on my grind cause that come first
If he get outta line his feelings finna get hurt
All thats on my mind is get that dough
He try me Imma take you places you dont wanna go
50 60 stacks of more and Im in your town
Just to shake some booty home but it finna go down
Hear that click clack roll, better get back fast
Have attention when you see me pledge allegiance to the swag
Pledge allegiance to the swag [x8]

[Verse 1: T.I.]
Ay, I do my thang you dont know
Off the motherfuckin chain, play the game how it go
I aint in the game still Imma problem on the low
Whip them thangs well just know I know who got it for the low
Triple O.G. so sucker free, I swear
You dont know me homie you can get the fuck from round here
I dont care who you will, who you with or who you know
Lets be clear, Im a motherfuckin G and you a hoe
Keep that Remy XO pulled up, bankrolled, swole up
Smell money in the air soon as I roll up, ayyy
Im the coolest in the city bitch
While you lame trippin on that goofy stupid silly shit
Who you ever seen it really did, super fly filthy rich, any with it killin shit
Came in that bitch with my ego and got cash
I demand you to raise your hand and
Pledge Allegiance To The Swag


[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
World got no money call me David Copperfield
A bitchll disappear or the bitch will disappear
We control the corners, thats usual politics
Push a button from the mansion, hit you with a hollow tip
We two different niggas, Im servin, he sniffing his
And I love that new Bugatti, how that bitch be shifting gears
Movin how I move, I fuck with a selected few
Aviators and Audemars, tha bezel flourescent blue
Down south nigga, had to climb up out the barrel
Outfox these niggas, now we rock out on apparrel
Pledge allegiance to the swag cause this shit is top notch
Jumpin in and outta bitches like Im playin hopscotch
Jumpin in and outta sixes like I got a car lot
And I got the type of digits that your bitchll dial by
Young niggas bow down to the kings
In the presence of a Don, pay respect, kiss my ring


[Verse 3: T.I.]
The Enzo off set, neck, wrist frosty
Deal aint hundred mil, you aint talkin bout shit
Nigga wanna beef, he get the whole cal quick
If you talking bout some paper step into my office
On some pimp house shit, written out chicks,
Fuck em from behind, they be spitting out dick black
Excuse me now but if I may make an announcement
I smoke no more but when I did I was blowin ounces of gas
Ask the feds what I had when they found me
We down with whatever, just dont interrupt my countin
Ballin on a daily basis, call my accountant
Only time you make it rain when you throwin change in a fountain
Flow sick, crazy, derranged, need counselin
He say I aint all that, she say Im outstandin
Them lames all cheesy, squares outta season
When you see my swag, nigga, pledge your allegiance


[T.I Talking]
Ay my nigga Im the type of stars and stripes you know what Im saying,
you come fuck with me on that bullshit youll be seeing Stars and Stripes nigga, you understand that nigga, say Im lying, think its a game if you want to partna
Ay Ross I see you my nigga, I bump that Maybach music nigga when Im playing music in my Maybach, ya dig
Aye listen, all you other sucker ass nigga homeboys
I dont see you dogg, you transparent, translucient dog
my nigga get out my way nigga let money get through here dog
you understand
say you niggas aint even on my muthafucking resume dog
aye my nigga if I did take you out the game my nigga it was

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