Текст песни Allegiance - Everything

Исполнитель: Allegiance

Thought you had a million chances
To stand up and take it all in stride
And just when it seemed that you could do it
You just found another place to hide

So I put my hand out
And I tried my best
I'd stay up late at night
To let you get it off your chest

And i lived and lived for your smile
For the light of your life
And even if i could give more time
It wouldn't have filled the space in your life

When you left me out on a limb
When you left me out in the cold
Did you know i couldn't
Understand at 16 years old

Nothing i could've said,
Would've changed your mind
Years later, you've finally given me
Peace of mind

Now a few years later
When you apologized that day
With the tears streaming down my face
It made everything, everything

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