Текст песни Excurses - Ignorance of the Lost

Исполнитель: Excurses

A seed of breath sown amongst the weeds
Though thy faith is here the mind still bleeds
For their hearts will scorn for lust
But the world grows over a child that was

Darkness consumes a judgment of hate
To rage that day though it be to late
For the blood that's slain down this quiet face,
Same to the scars of this crimson disgrace

A life has existence to stop for a decree
Apathy and rage consume thy heart
To see this flesh withered in wrought
Hollow is the soul and damnation (be theirs to weep alone)

To wish to see a brother perish in vain
Through a winters mind forgotten lamb slain
For this is my tear, spare yourself
From the harrowed undying anguish of fear

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