Текст песни Lord Paskhar - Get Up!(RA)

Исполнитель: Lord Paskhar

It’s about to be a big shit poppin by the time this shit is droppin
Stoppin out of option
I’m addicted this a problem
This way of life, sex, drugs rock and roll on the road
Feeling blessed performing for sold out shows
You rappers talkin shit what chu know bout those
What chu know bout spittin balls and the whole crowd goes
It’s unbelievable these people say I made it throwin down a lil handy
Can’t believe that I don’t chase it
Life goes on, days get brighter
I’m feelin like I came in with my haze no lighter
So I’m lookin for the missing piece
Goin down in history for rhythm beats
Smooth game sweeter than a krispie kreme
You tune into my station hope you listenin
Turn it up and follow my journey as I live my dream
All natural whole foods that lay you back
Have you straight chillin in a dope mood
And some shit is happy like a show tune
This a brand new world I can show you
Some people still have no clue
But they can look at all this cheese that I produce
[Chorus: x2]
And I’m wild to go round are you up or you down
Are you in or you out
Are you smilin or you frown
Just get up, GET UP
Get up, GET UP
Get up, GET UP
Get up, GET UP
Ayo I’m fast lane switchin
Rap game spittin
Chillin with some sour
Got a bad dame twistin
These people think I’m goofy say I’m max they trippin
Cause life a comedy like my last name griffin (WHAT)
Living for the moment
Blowin po and overloaded
And my swagger call me old spice
Yeah the kid is so nice
Smokin in the whip chillin
Duckin from the police (po-lyce)
So bright you know light
So I’m shinin like a strobe light
Leave the show with money and I always count my dough twice
Most dope general and that shit is fo life
My mama taught me well so I even treat these hoes right I’m polite
Workin in my office but there’s no dwight
Coat white skinded no light dimness
Me who I am playing sight for these bitches
And I ain’t even tryna fight with these bitches
And I don’t got time to spend a night with these bitches

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