Текст песни A.K.-S.W.I.F.T. - In The Game (Extended Mix)(320)

Исполнитель: A.K.-S.W.I.F.T.
In the game it's still the same, and I play it everyday,
and I play it to survive, in my players paradise.
In the game it's still the same, everybody know's my name,
so let's go and roll the dice, what was yours will soon be mine.
In the game it's still the same, everytime, everyday,
in the game it's still the same, and I'm gonna play it my way.

All laid back, I'm kickin' in the club,
feeling on a honey, sippin' hen, sellin' dubs.
With my brothers...,"Rebel X" plotting schemes,
trying to make reality out of @#%$ up dreams.
Like "TLC" po-po's on the creep loc,
locking up niggaz from everything from crack to weed smoke.
Never understanding what I want is my bid,
have a record deal, money, wife and some kids.
But everytime I look, there's another playahater,
but you can't fade me, naw see you later.
It's more than bad enough, I'm living in a country that wanna see me hang,
hell naw, you ain't getting your wish fool, that's why my nuts hang word!
So put some brakes on that thought player,
so see ya later.

Another scenario, fish got the bait yo,
cook it up, twist of lemon, serve it up but wait bro' oh-oh.
Here we go again another sucker for the contract,
the promise was'nt @#%$, now you're laying on your back.
But realize, recognize, the shadiness of this industry
with more than two eyes.
Cuz I know a victim, and I know him well,
"Mercenary A.K.-S.W.I.F.T." better known as "Burnell".
Makes a nigga wanna grab his strap up, blast up,
send you straight to hell, as I'm yelling backup.
You're a lucky @#%$, got away with it once,
never again, cuz of the position that I'm in.
Ad you know who I'm talking about,
delusions of granduer, pissed at my gift because I keep it pure.
Hook with a lure, real him in, as my vibe spins.

One more time, unfadeable, my @#%$ is created to,
blast on that ass, set you straight, and staying paid too.
Keep the food in the kitchen,
gotta stay mobbin' or be one of the motherfuckers for your lynchin'.
Livin' in this life on my feet, not my knees,
try to take that bitch, I'll have you bleeding yelling please.
disrespect is a mark, a mark is a spark of retaliation,
leaving you in the dark.
Too far gone, and your home is a dirt nap cuz it's on,
So leave the steady mobbin' to the real baby,
and let me do it my way, hey!

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