JubyPhonic - Outer science [ English ]

: JubyPhonic

Tragedy ridden, never fit in, and dead now
A life gone so quickly, would it knock at the door?

Fidgeting itty bitty master watches Oh what an ugly tale

Sprawling and crawling down the body and throat
Melting away the decaying n beaten down heart

Drink in and sink in every bit of your life
Im hungry for your eyes

Hey, its all that you had wanted and more
And then you stared a scary glare into my core

A bleeding tragic heart before me and Im starving

Youre in the belly of the beast
Love and your ego rest in peace

And the weird little you, will soon then be born anew
Just a monster by now I am loving it I cant deny but

Crying to god you scream out Why?
Stop this already you just whine

Will you suck it up now? This fate cannot be unwound

Succeeding, succeeding, succeeding boss-to-be, cant wait to meet

Fate, dream, and, live and, think and, die on the ground now
They fall so in love then watch it come falling down

Softly hes snickering, the smiling snake
How stupid can they be?

Ah ta-ta-tell me why I cant get enough
Gotta break it, the shaking hearts that never give up

Haunting their tauntingly inadequate lives
Im buried in their eyes

Right, its living in you, crawling inside?
The power digging deep, able to meet their eyes

In this cold as stone real tragedy, youd be the queen

Cheers to the years and life you made
Love and your ego slip and snake

Hazy days all around as they come billowing down
Back to page one, where this story started really getting gory

Please, give it back! you screech and scream
Stop this already quite the plea

Oh you think that I care? Well lifes just one fated snare

Welcome to horrible, pitiful, fictional, reality

Ah what a stupid way to live
Try try again you just resist

Wanna turn back the page, reset the actors on stage
Knock knock it down as youre heaving

Howling, even louder screaming

Ah what an ugly way live!
Dont even ask me Why again

Youre just bleeding with greed, and doing time for the crime
Believing miracles empty, breaking into pieces plenty

Done with it all! I just dont care
Helpless and crying, you sit there

But thats all I will say, THE END is fading away

Day after, day after, kids of tomorrow
Day after, day after, sunset
Day after, day after, day after, laugh in the haze!

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