Текст песни Боевая Классика |BLR| Беларусь - трек 7

Исполнитель: Боевая Классика |BLR| Беларусь
[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Uh, I'm higher than a plane and I don't wanna land
Every time I speak I see a hundred grand
Rollin' so much weed it's like the motherland
I ain't talkin' English, I'm talkin' rubber bands
Jacksons, Franklins, either one of them
You ain't talkin' paper, dawg, so you don't understand
Spazzin' on these niggas, bitch I'm goin' H.A.M
Taxin' all these niggas call me Uncle Sam
Rappin' got me on the beach relaxin'
Smokin' OG, by the LB now the O's just filled with ashes
And niggas keep on hatin', I just roll one get my cash and
Hear 'em talk bout what they gon' do, but I know that ain't gon' happen

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]
When you think of a gang of real niggas spendin' money
Then you thinkin' bout us
When you think of who came in here bought anything they wanted
Then you thinkin' bout us
When you think of some niggas who gon' get it how they live
Then you thinkin' bout us
When you think of who really out here doin' it big
Then you thinkin' bout us

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
I roll 'em faster than a train and I don't wanna stop
Niggas say "need a verse", they 50 grand a pop
Smokin' on the best, graded at the top
Finish up another tour and buy another watch
Fly a new plane, board another yacht
Do another show, I'm out here gettin' paid, but you will never know
My cheese so long, my weed so strong, think I'mma overdose
Uhhh, man I'm baggin' it, empty a bag now I'm packin' it
Try turn down but I can't get it
I'mma roll one, pass it around til everybody in the room can't finish
You a fuck nigga so you can't hit it, ball so hard that you can't win it
So much money bank can't fit it, had my own style til you ran wit it
OG kush I'm the man wit it

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]

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