Текст песни GG Allin - Gimme Some Head

Исполнитель: GG Allin
hey ,now ,girls i want lip-service
i dont wear a uniform and im not in the service
ive been in all day never seein the sun
but when the sun goes down to the night i come

girls ,girls ,girls ,girls
gimme ,gimme ,gimme some head
i like the nasty things that
you do to me in bed

i used to be a pornfreak i was into the hand scene
i used to use magazines to get into the filth screen
i used to get girls panty-hose
but theres nothin like a girl sittin on your nose

some girls they just like to tease
and other girls they aim to please
some girls really slip on my tongue
so spread your legs im gonna get me some

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