Текст песни Paul Schwartz - "state of grace II" - Stabat Mater

Исполнитель: Paul Schwartz
vocals: Lisbeth Scott..
Crouch End Festival Chorus..

Stabat Mater, rubens rosa
Iuxta crucem lacrimosa
Videns ferre criminosa
Nullum reum crimine

Et dum stetit generosa
Iuxta natum dolorosa
Plebs tunc canit clamorosa:
'Crucifige, crucifige'

O quam gravis illa poena
tibi, virgo poenae plena
commemorans praeamoena
Iam versa in maestetam

Color erat non inventus
In te, Mater, dum detentus
Stabat natus, sic contentus
Ad debellandum Sathanam

Per haec, nata praeamata
Natum tuum, qui peccata
Delit cuncta perpetrata
Deprecare dulciflue

Ut, nostra tergens ingrata
In nobis plantet firme grata
Per quem dando praelibata
Praestet aeterna requi.

The Mother stood, a blushing rose
In tears at the foot of the cross
As she saw him undergo a criminal?s fate
Who was guilty of no crime

And as she stood with full heart
Grieving beside her son
The crowd shouted raucously:
'Crucify him, crucify him'

O how grievous was the pain
You suffered, Virgin full of sorrows
When you recalled former joys
Now all turned to lamentation

All the life drained from you, Mother
While your son stood constrained there
Gladly bearing his pain
That Satan might be overthrown

By these merits, most beloved lady
Beseech your son, who takes away
All the sin that we have committed
With sweet and gracious prayers

That, wiping away all your stain
He might plant firmly in us the gifts of grace
And might fulfill in us what they promise in our eternal rest.

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