Текст песни ods_crew - joyride

Исполнитель: ods_crew
Hometown, downtown, speeding all around
An AK47 got the power in its barrel to
Move any mother that gets in my way
Just another power machine out on the freeway

Riding with me is my MC homeboy
Knowing the rules ain't part of his program
Finding the right way around this map
Might be pretty hard cause he's f***ed on crack

G - Grand Theft Auto
You gotta make a mark and move where you want to

T - Theft
To steal what you can and run from the nation

A - Hey what d'ya say
We automate the sequence and speed for my getaway
Take it to the edge, there's nowhere to hide
And call up the boys, let's go for a joyride
Let's go for a joyride

"Stop the violence from the police" you know my Dad used to say but now he's deceased
He got caught in a jam, threw in the can
When the cops from Brooklyn said he killed another man

Seek knowledge was my main game
To think about the law, to figure out the frame
Just when I thought I knew justice, a cop behind me said
"You just been busted"




Don't f*** with me!

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