Dethklok - The Fans Are Chatting

: Dethklok
Though Dethklok hasnt performed in a very long while.
A big show is coming up which will be just in time
because people around the world have been very concerned
about the lack of Toki Wartooth in the press world.
He hasnt been seen in public, where could he be?
The band released a statement:

Hes fine dont worry about Toki.

Well hes okay and well see when they play.
Thats the Dethklok minute. Have a great day.

Hes been out of the public eye.
Were worried well be denied.
One fifth of our favorite band.
Were the power. Were the fans.
We want answers. Wheres Toki? Wheres Toki?
We want answers. Where is the man?

Were going online were gonna get to the bottom of this.
Going online gunna get to the bottom of this.

I heard a rumor from my roommate Matt
that he cant play guitar because he got too fat.

I heard Tokis at a rehab place
because he did so many drugs that
he melted his face.

I heard hes getting plastic surgery done.
Theyre putting in horns and cleaving his tongue.

I heard hes gone cause his hair went away.
Theyre putting in transplants now hes totally gay.

[FANS 1]
Youre gay!

[FANS 2]
Youre gay!

[FANS 1]
Youre gay!

[FANS 2]
Youre gay!

You are all wrong you dont know the whole story.
Tokis been kidnapped with the girl by some men.
Oh Dethklok could save them but they cant be bothered.
These cowards may never see their Toki again!
Dethklok doesnt care about their best friends.
They could be responsible for their death!

Its good to be here tonight!
Lemme hear ya!


And on rhythm guitar Mr Toki Wartooth!!

[Hologram of Toki is glitching and fans see there is no Toki]


We want Toki back! [8x]

Oh my god theyre leaving the show.

We dont want our fans to go!

I think I know what I must do...
People of the world I want you to know.
Toki! Were coming to save you!

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