Текст песни Paul Shapera - Act III, S4 - The Movement 2

Исполнитель: Paul Shapera
In the movement
In the nights of dead and dance
In the movement
When I’m offering out my hand
In the movement
I don’t need you to pretend
In the movement
all I ask for is a friend

In the movement
Drugs and dance and spirits whirl
In the movement
As we flee our father’s world

At the crossroads so it goes we
Need a love you cannot show me

Can’t you reach for me?
Can’t you reach for me?
The burdens I bear that you never do see
If you’d just please help me

In the movement
Loa live within our hands
In the movement
Our voodoo opens other lands
In the movement
Drugs and dance and spirits whirl
In the movement
And we reject our father’s world

In the movement
Come and dance through the night
In the movement
Ridden by the blinding light

At the crossroads and the barrow
We have come to court the shadow

(BYRON goes to podium at the political rally continues to bait the crowd)

My friends look around at this world that you’ve known
The leeches are sucking you dry to the bone
The zombies are letting it all get away
So vote for our Doll and throw it away

You don’t need a master, no government who
Will take all you’ve earned, tell you what to do
Our Doll will not lead you, he’ll not bleed you dry
Nor bribe nor coerce nor fail you nor lie

There’s coming a time not so far from right now
When your rights will be gone and they’ll make you bow down
We stand at the crossroads and offer a way
To ecstacy, freedom, a path, a new day

This welfare of zombies is come to an end
For zombies, your children are out of their heads
They’ve left you for sex, drugs, drums and the dead
Come now and join us, come join us my friends!

Over years jasper’s taken
Words and instrumentations
From the music he channels night and day

And he’s used them to make
A new song he can play
To the crowd as he tries to communicate

(Jasper takes center stage and all else but him fades.)

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