Текст песни Champ MC - Do U Know My Style (1994)

Исполнитель: Champ MC
[Intro: Agallah (Champ MC)]
Yo whattup, this the real right here
Comin to you right here is the realest shit
??? Tef MC, word up, ayo Champ
(This goes out to my homeboys Onyx n shit, and my homeboy 8-Off yo
Yo 8, bring that funky track in)

[Champ MC]
You wanna make noise, go and get your boys that got the toolbox
I gets down to the rhythm of the hip-hop
C-H-A-M-P remains the same
I flip some shit to put a hole in your brain
Hot damn, I know you thinkin that bitch is bad
Writin fat shit whichyou never had
Man but fuck it, you walkin in the wrong path
You know the half, I put a whooping on a nigga's ass
Give me a minute, fuck a second, I lick a shot
Suckas stare, I got beats that ??? for the hip-hop
Once the mic's in sight, I can't be stopped
Step up in my path ?the door will get unlocked?
Another problem child, a wicked bitch
I leave you dead, stinking in a ditch
Temper then marks my tracks in the park
People ain't supposed to run the streets after dark

[Hook 4X: Champ MC & Agallah]
Do you do you know my style?
Do you know my style?
Do you know my muthafuckin style?

[Champ MC]
What type of bullshit you on, I'm smokin a ?decent?
You got 20-20 and you still can't see this
Fuck self destruction, I have a sense of emotions
I feel the pain when my chrome is toasted
Just like Das EFX, ayo, gimme that microphone
So big up, niggas and bitches, listen up
New face, new style, new bitch, new child
Hahahaha, how you like me now?
I roll mound for mound, pound for pound
Showdown for showdown, Set It Off like PE
And now I got to shut em down
You on my shit nigga, ???
I'm a bad bad bitch
Ayo can I get a witness?
You want a father? Lord can't ??? the naughty by nature
I take it to your fucking face if you got a problem with us
I got stacks and Glocks for the hard rocks

[Hook 4X]

[Champ MC]
I'm a black female in my twenties
My dream is to rock a party on stage and get money
Fuck that, I can't do that without the mic in my hand
I got plans, words is bond, I'm double banned
I break it down and I freak it in my own way
And love is gonna get you when your life runs out of pay
?Buddha out breaker? when the nigga pull the trigger
And his job ??? damn man
I came to understand where you come from, get the job done
Want to see if the niggas don't want none
Why is that when others are just as real as them?
With the baggy pants and the timbalands
But then again we got alot of mad dough so we got alot of friends
I gotta put this shit to an end
Enemies is the worst policy
Eyeing me, why keep trying me, huh?

[Hook 4X]

[Outro: Agallah faintly talking]

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