Текст песни Zzzzra - Warten

Исполнитель: Zzzzra
Taken from "7.1", a deep-dub techno compilation released today on TSS.

Free download of the 7.1 Various Artists on TSS website : www.tssberlin.com/?p=1998

"Seven years ago The Studio Stereo was born, and as we know 7 years is the age of reason.

To celebrate the event, we have made a big new compilation in two parts around these three axes: dub / experimental / electronic (also, two compilations h?h? !)

This leaves a lot of freedom for the interpretations of these three words that define us.

Many artists have responded and we have now 30 super tracks !

Here is the first part. We find the spirit of TSS when it was created, oriented towards minimal techno, and experimental dub !

With a few touches here and there of House, or deep ambient. Overall, this compilation offers a deep and dark atmosphere .

With the participations of Zzzzra, Twin Peetz, Andrea Porcu, Koei & Ken Sakama, Bekeschus, Andreas Thomas, Imdos, Elpierro, TR21, Moolsaasa, Mr Zu, Illocanblo, Anomali, Ocralab and PierrotheMoon.

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