Текст песни Tape Five - A Cool Cat In Town (feat. Brenda Boykin)

Исполнитель: Tape Five
It's late at night while the dogs are sleepin?!
She?s leaving the cave and the wheels are turnin?!
A dancin? on ice, but the temperature?s risin?!
She steps in the club and the walls are burnin?!
There?s a cool cat in town - never settle down, cause she loves
chasing the dogs around.
There?s a new kid around, and she knows she is bound to be the leader of the whole rat-pack, and she wont wait for the return of the mac.

There?s a cool cat in town, never going down.
One day she?s even heading for the crown
A Cool - Cat - in town.

Verse 2:

When the cat?s away, the mice are playin? !
They?re messin?around till they all start swayin?!
Down in the club where the joint is jumpin?!
The birds and the bees and the hip chicks are swingin?!
Chorus 2 (s.o.) + halftime end
Chorus 3:
There?s a cool cat in town -
(slow spoken) Oh, believe me, what a cool cat!
She wont wait for a new dog around, who dont likes some cats in town.
A cool kid around , Ah-widdely-dop-ba-domb-ba -dooby!

A Cool- Cat- in Toooooown!

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