Текст песни Machine Gun Kelly - Life

Исполнитель: Machine Gun Kelly
[Verse 1]
Hold up
Me and my dawgs on, day one
You would think we didn't, grow up
Cause all they said "the good die young, all the good don't last"
So what? I brought a record deal to the middle of the map
And I still, ain't glow up
Fuck fame, we don't need no one, me and my team pour up
All day roll up, celebratin' every day we don't spend poorer
Hesitation, never get a closed mouth fed
Hesitation, never booked a ten day tour, but I did, I did
And that was as a motherfucking kid, in the hood I was a young Brad Pitt
Cause I was that shit, and that's when I was hopping on the 19, grinding, plotting on this, so I need that pronto
Dreaming of the view on the top floor, three million views on a talk show
Now I'm finna tell the world who I talk for, this is for the ones
Riding around, smoking that dope
Riding around, smoking that dope
This is for the ones
High cause the flow so dope
High cause the flow so dope

If you been a real motherfucker your whole life
Live the hard-knock life and you can't pay bills, shit, that's all right
I feel that
But if you're gonna chill motherfucker, don't hold back, smoke up
And we can live a little bit, cause we ain't worried about shit
We ain't worried about shit


[Verse 2]
Let me talk
I remember you when you were just a teen
Battle rapping on 116th
Take the rapping to the square (?)
Posted in the trap with the shrimp (?)
(What happened?)
I love you C-L-E, that's why I'm trying to take us to the T-O-P
I'm sick of seeing suckas busy, always trying to leech, lucky I ain't never charged a hundred fifty for a feat, cause
Everybody want some
Seen me on the television once, think I'm balling but really I ain't got nothin'
Why you think I never changed?
Y'all don't get it
Tell me, how would you feel?
If you went back home and the love's all gone cause you always kept it too real
Tell them bum motherfuckers go and get it on your own
This is for the ones who stuck with your boy like glue
One time for the crew, the ones who'd never leave me for the loot, the ones who, if I need, gonna shoot
This is for the ones who smoking that dope
Riding around, smoking that dope
This is for the ones
High cause the flow so dope
High cause the flow so dope


*man speaking on intercom*
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Machine Gun Kelly"
*audience applauding*
Ha ha, ow

[Verse 3]
Ain't nobody love me as a broke motherfucker
When I was a youngin' from the old, motherfucker
See me on the come up, never spoke, motherfucker
Tell me how you figure that I owe motherfuckers
Now I think about them, man I own motherfuckers
I be charging twenty just to host motherfuckers
I was just with *beep* in the Ghost, motherfuckers
Y'all need to worry about your car notes, motherfuckers
Aye, can I live?
Maybe I could if everybody put one foot in my kicks
And realize I own this shit
Give me one good spliff, to the face
Put the city on my back like capes
Super OG in the papes, realEST motherfucker in the race
Young Kells, put the name to the face

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