Текст песни Ezra Furman And The Harpoons - The Faceless Boy

Исполнитель: Ezra Furman And The Harpoons

The boy who was born without a face
Can't go out in public or any place
He just sits at home and he cries all day
Or he would if his tears had a way to escape
No eyes, no mouth
His north is your south

His parents wonder what went wrong
Did we start too early did we wait too long
Or is it all a part of God's peculiar maze
That our baby was born without a face
Look out! Cuz you can...

Well, the faceless boy's life, well, it ain't too grim
Cuz you got no ears don't even laugh at him
Still when guests come over they keep the lights dim
And the sign on his bedroom says: Don't come in

In the faceless boy's mind the pine trees grow
They're evergreens they last through the winter snow
But he can't smell which way the wind blows
Cuz no face, no eyes, no ears, no mouth, no nose! No nose!

The girl who was born without any hands
All she does is dance and dance
Can't pick up a pen, can't put on her pants
All she does is dance cuz it's all she can oo!

Ain't got no fingers ain't got no thumbs
and she could never fight it so she succumbs
to fate on the date on which she was born
she thinks of herself as a unicorn alright.

She wanders around all over the land
Looking around for her handless man
But she just ends up collapsing in the sand
In her mind, no hands, no hands, no hands, no hands! No hands, oh!

When the faceless boy met the handless girl
All the cosmos above them swirled
He felt her face, she stared at his hand
And they walked on and never saw eachother again. Oh no!
Faceless boy! Faceless boy oh!

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