Текст песни Champ MC - Stressin Me

Исполнитель: Champ MC
[Hook: Champ MC]
Aw, they stressin me, pass me my nine
Aw, they stressin me, pass my my nine
Aw, they stressin me, pass me my nine
They stressin me, they stressin me, pass me my nine

[Champ MC]
Aw, they stressin me, pass me my nine
Pleasure and pain son, I'm gonna get mine
Cham is my name and taboo is my fly kick
I rap like a nigga, but don't jump on my dick
Oh they stressin me, pass me my nine
They get me heated, these bitches better beat it
I'm wanted for murder, assault wack rappers
Fuckin manslaughta, watch ya back, I'm commin next for ya daughter
Ooh, things are getting nasty, they won't last me
Ya testing me like Tim Dog, then step to me
Gimme the mic, I burn a hole in your head
Catch a body, if I got hot, then that shit is dead
Into reality, we have two personalities
We just like 'fuck it', and go on with profanity


[Champ MC]
They stressin me, they stressin me, pass me my nine
Send me a victim so I can get mine
All these bum bitches is getting out of line
And if you do the crime, you gotta do the time
I said oh, they stressin me, pain in my chest
Gotta get my nine and my bulletproof vest
Crazy as a ??, cuz now I'm fucking next
Seven bitches down, now guess who's next
Bitches get snitches and punks get lumps
If you think you want it then step your pussy ass up chump
Cuz I got pumps thats in my leg, its in my chest
Its in my home and now I'm goin to some niggas home
I flip out, kill others like Son of Sam
Wanted by the cops, but they don't know who the fuck I am
Yo what goes on, you gotta settle that shit
They stressin you, they stressin you, ain't that a bitch


[Champ MC]
Aw they stressin me, pass me my nine
You get me heated, what, they got me heated
I shouldn't have to repeat it
You know my style been wild, but should I reminisce
Or represent, but don't tip me
Steppin to the Champ MC, you betta flee you little booga
Why you got my back? You know the hook up
And if you a nigga, bring it on
You were dead wrong, and the family's too smart
Yeah, you tried to stamp me, but I ?? you by lil inches
Ayo fuck that, you rollin with the ghetto bitches
On the fairy rollin deep, like fifty jeeps
So don't sleep, it's my style you better peep
Uh, pull ya shit up in the jeep, I guarantee this
The type of flava that knock ya ass right off your feet
I compete my verses with curses
But you look like the mic man, you can't come close to this

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