Текст песни Dope D.O.D. - Переплетено

Исполнитель: Dope D.O.D.

@Fredro Starr
I got Monsters in my head, unconscious almost dead / i hear voices putting all this nonsense in my head / it makes no sense, waking up with both hands covered in blood / got your favourite rapper chain covered in mud / as it hangs from the front of my truck, like an ornament / i collect trophies for rappers i tormented / i got em walking like zombies in this bitch / one show blow him out his abercrombie & fitch you give these niggaz an inch, they wanna take a mile / i put the 5th to ya face take that with a smile / i'm foul... yeah so fuck repercussions / black hoodie on liking like the grim reaper cousin

@Sticky Fingaz
I take you to a place that I don't like to go / I got that rifle flow cause killing niggaz is like riding a bicycle / and how to break a neck is something that you can't forget / it's Sticky Fingaz... but you can call me face of death / nigga i won't battle rap you i just eat ya adam's apple / take you to the tabernacle, drag you through the street in shackles / I come inside yo house, nigga hide inside the walls / ... I sniff em out until I find em all... / my voice sounds like my stomach growling / grimey nigga what I won't do for a 100,000 / this nigga something bout him, something wrong guns arouse him / always got the huns around him / hip hop is fucked without!!!...

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