Текст песни Chingy ft. Bun B - We Do

Исполнитель: Chingy ft. Bun B

I do ride bently's and coupes. But i dont give away all my looks ???????????? ride less than twenty inches i wont.

But i do know this may be a single when i walk my chains on so it my jingle if she give me brainzz on.
The haters know were my crew so famous that i cant go no wherin tha lou You name it the mall the gas station dem people
be waiting to see me hop in sumin hating all the dudes to skating,
runnin it like walter paton until u fuked it its so blatent fuk the paper im savin my bank acount is amazin.
im ratin my self a 20 im takin my self on 20's im doin this show for 20 then holla at me this 20 about money
i gots ta make stack up a couple hundred mill then take my ass a break.


I gotta 75 caprice in my yard! a loui drop top raff kicks man its hard! custom made interior dirrty its the
shit ratin spins n spokes 24s on it. yep gotta tv and steerin wheels like luda n if u run up on me look dirrty
ill shoot ya
G.i.b 1 on my customized plates slide alot bottles dont never come fake.. im about to hit lillian just past
clackston wippin with a peice thats better than tony brackston haters or right im with my few and team bumps
i got the 3 amps and the woofers in my trunk yeyah i no u money hungry hoes wanna roll with trick u no i ride
nothin less than them dubs.


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