Текст песни Paul Shapera - A4 S4 The Creatures Speak

Исполнитель: Paul Shapera

I can’t understand them

Mascot 3000:

I can translate

The mad cry and seek for a road that will lead
From Asylum to world of the free
But death is not how you can find your way out
Only those who go sane then may leave

The body, the host in health living, although
When a virus from outside infects
White blood cells descend to defend and then cleanse
Wishing truly no ill or sad ends


You’ve come yet again once more welcome as when
Dear Priscilla and Constance you were
Invited, alas, you did choose to go back
To save those who you thought that you could

The more time you spend in Asylums well then
You could fall back again locked away
Stay here beyond where you know you belong
A vast cosmos before you awaits


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