Текст песни Ezra Furman And The Harpoons - The World Is Alive

Исполнитель: Ezra Furman And The Harpoons

There is life on this planet and I know because I've seen it
It is wading in the slimiest of Saturday nights
There's a white haunted moon hanging over the lagoon
It was made for a moment just such as this
There is love in the eyes of the birds and bees
There are plastic bags and suburban trees
Keep your eyes open all the time and I think you'll find
There's no place to hide and the world is alive

There are sailors on the ocean little kids with crazy notions
And their head's are gonna spin like a tornado
There's a bible by the TV and the curtain's blowing freely
In this hotel room make my heart do flips
There's a bush that burns but is not consumed
There's a glass of milk in an empty room
There's a song at the heart of it all and we all try hard
Just to write it down but you can't write it down


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