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Исполнитель: Последний серафим
I don’t want nobody to get killed
I’ll come and get you,
I am always ready to fight

So don’t take all of the blame
We’re all as bad
Ah wait, don’t take all of it away
You always do
We’ll always be something you cannot control
We will overcome – Your salvation has begun

No suns, no lights
Such a mess all over
Don’t kill your hopes
You make me realize who I need

I’ll be there, hold on
But it changes somehow
So where are you now?

I’ll reach you, my darling
The shadows of the Earth
Illusions so bright

They’re fallin’ in just to run – let them know – When it’s the pain that makes us so human after all.

Toward a city, a border patrol
1000 precious words, just to start with a spark
To the core

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