Текст песни Aviators - The Monster Under My Bed (FNAF4)

Исполнитель: Aviators
It’s all in your head
He tries to say
Close your eyes
And they go away
So he locked me in
As the night begins
I see the teeth
Behind the smile
Metal ghouls
Haunt this broken child
They followed home
And I’m not alone

Don’t steal the breath
From me tonight
I’m hiding with
No means to fight
There’s someone in the hall
I can’t escape them all
I saw who killed
These twisted souls
They only haunt
The child who knows
Or are they in my head?
The monsters under my bed

It’s just a phase
They call my fear
No one can see
The evil here
A monster killed
And his victims rose
I think they want
To make me pay
For the life
That he took away
I’m not to blame
Still they play this game

I haven’t felt like this before
Nothing seems real anymore
Are they the echoes of his scheme
Or is my mind just losing steam
I’m so
Of this feral masquerade
Take me
Take me
Let it end

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