Текст песни Brooklyn - I know (demo version) 2010

Исполнитель: Brooklyn

Композиция "I know" является объектом защищаемым авторскими правами. Любое незаконное копирование и распространение карается законом Республики Белорусь

текст песни:
I know

When you'll wake up
And look in a mirror at your scars
You know that you so far from perfect,
Go crash your stars!

After you’ll kill me
After you’ll kill me
And push me.
Around there is many hidden truth for needed highs.

I know and you know
that we can't run away from time
I know and you know….
I know and you know
that we can't run away from time
I know and you know…..

If you see,
The world is critical enough,
And you can’t stop rotation of this.
Leave it now!

After you‘ll hear me
After you‘ll hear me
And fits me.
Around there is only stuff and dust for going down

БРИДЖ It's no necessary to wait good luck,
You see that life is running fast.
You can not long resist to time. It’s no chance to back.
Believe me life for all is test.

Мартин Янушкевич - вокал
Юрий Севко - гитары
Артур Юралевич - клавишные
Павел Севко - бас
Артем Малышко - ударные

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