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Исполнитель: Special Agent Dale Cooper
Diane, 9 A.M., preparing to board Flight 210, commuter flight, 15 seater, arriving in Spokane at 10:15 A.M. One meal, breakfast. Eggs, sausage, toast, jam, juice and the usual coffee-scented hot water. What airlines do to coffee shouldn’t happen to a dog, so I am packing a hot thermos from the commissary.

Case number is: 11219er, you’ll have a copy of the file on your desk by the time you receive this. Victim: seventeen year old white female, dead, bound and wrapped in plastic. Cause of death - unknown. Says here she was the Homecoming Queen. Second victim, discovered alive, was found across the state line, which is why it’s our business now. Suspects are in custody. Will assess their value upon arrival.

Diane, I understand the air is so clear out where I am going, that you can see across two states when it’s not raining, which is most of the time. So I’ve packed a pair of the business man’s friend, totes for the feet.

I’ve been scanning active files for the region. Note-possible correlation to a murder last year of one, Teresa Banks, in the southwest corner of the state. Had all the trappings of a serial killing, except for one - a second body. Maybe this is it. Teresa Banks died a year ago, almost to the day.

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