Текст песни The Grinning Ghosts - Save Me From My Twenties

Исполнитель: The Grinning Ghosts
What did i do so bad to give me the life i have
Tell me who did i harm to have things end up so wrong

Somebody save me from my twenties

Tell me who did i slight make it up with most my might
What sun did i set with what you did i'd take it all back

Somebody save me from my twenties

Take the hate and wrap it up with jealousy white irritate so you see it Meant that much to me
It was all i had
Take the hate and ponder the coddling you made the mistake and yet Still i'm following
It was all i had

Her black book's a county mile i wonder who's in style
Envied O' freedom possessed bound to this colossal test

Because I know too much
Because I feel too much
Because I love too much
Because i loath so much

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