Текст песни The Grinning Ghosts - Ecstatic Tumescence

Исполнитель: The Grinning Ghosts
Friday night and I've got no date
Gonna go to Del Taco, gonna masticate
See my life's been simply Kafkaesque

Got no job and I got no phone
and I can't pay off my student loans
See my hearts been crushed with this hopelessness

Gruesome phallometry

Four AM and my hope's out late
The world says "no" but my heart says wait
I'm just wondering where all my friends went

Every time I just think of you
You hate me and I hate me too
I just want you to know I don't care 'bout descendants

Gruesome phallometry

Can't you see it in my face?
A generation lost in haste
Caught in the embrace of autophilia

Take away my conceptions
Amputate my proprioceptions
I'm just busy talking about my ge- ge- ge- ge-

"Oh my God, man have I been blue--
Nothing works tell me what to do"
I read that in the halls of your tenements

All my time is just lost alone
and some sad life is all I own
See my heart's just burst static tumescence

Gruesome phallometry

Jack Kerouac it down the ole highway
Just gonna Jack Kerouac it down the ole highway

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