Текст песни С БОГОМ В СЕРДЦЕ • Jesus Culture - 1. Fire Never Sleeps

Исполнитель: С БОГОМ В СЕРДЦЕ • Jesus Culture
with Martin Smith

Fire Never Sleeps

I feel the heat is rising
The flames on the horizon are at my door
I’m staring at the ruins
The embers of our brokenness scattered on the floor
This fire never sleeps, His fire never sleeps

I see that hope is coming to pull me from the ashes, ignite my soul
Please burn away the darkness, Cos love is like a furnace, ignite my soul

Burn, oh my soul, set me on fire
Burn, oh my soul, light up the fire
Burn, oh my soul

Your fire never sleeps, Your fire never sleeps

Stop, I never want to miss You
Something new is being born and we were born for this
Lord, we know a day is coming
When we’ll look into Your eyes and see a fire that never sleeps
Your fire never sleep, this fire never sleeps

Purify my heart, purify my heart
Spirit fall on us, Spirit fall on us

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