Текст песни The Grinning Ghosts - Pictures of a Parking Lot

Исполнитель: The Grinning Ghosts
The world hung cold in decaying stars
when she kissed you behind parked cars
Your black-eyed souls it had emptied into dreams

Grandpa died when you were five
But words come late or don't arrive
For a minute weren't you 17?

In debt to stitched men dressed like phonies
Grandpa died betting on the ponies
and nothing ever turns out like you thought

Like when planes had bombed the towers
you sat there for an aweing hour
I know-- pictures of a parking lot!

Sometimes you're sad and sometimes you're 20
Your mom works hard and you take her money
Shadows dance with strangers in the dark

Nothing changes when you're 10 but
You looked it up and it changed again
You didn't think the truth would leave a mark

And it's not love but we'll pretend
cause don't you know the truth can bend
but in her eyes you see that it hurts a lot
We'll pack it in a plastic bag
Just don't look inside it'll make you sad
I know-- pictures of a parking lot!

It's nothing like what they wanted for you
but none of that matters, they should have told you in school
Children eat the roses at the park

And now your locks get funny and they eat your keys
cause nobody likes you when you're 23
Doesn't this place just break your heart?

Your heroes are dead and your daddy's a lair
This city's not shinning, your city's on fire
I know-- pictures of a parking lot!
What were you hoping for?

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