Текст песни Swallow The Sun - Lost & Catatonic

Исполнитель: Swallow The Sun
Failure, Victim, Nothing, Bleeding, Losing, Everything

I was never the one, in their eyes no one will
I laid them all to rest, the demons inside of me
Bury my heart in your icy womb
Away from the light into earth's silent tomb

I am lost and catatonic

Choking, cursing, shattering
Blame, blame, blame
Burning, Cutting, I'm Vanishing
Shame, shame, shame

Walls are closing in, they're staring
Shade's still chanting
Run, do it, done?'

Brake your wows of trying
Let them suffer in longing
Be remembered
... for nothing?

Felt the pain but I numbed it down
Crowded steets, but no one's around

These kingdoms of dust, these empires of loneliness
Walk through me you all; curse you, you heartless

We are lost and catatonic

Failure, victim, nothing
Pain, pain, pain
Cutting, Burning, I'm Vanishing
Shame, shame, shame

We are lost

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