Текст песни Phidion - Slaves to Eternal Insomnia

Исполнитель: Phidion
The night screams like a storm
In the vortex of your soul
It's digging like a worm
Into your mind... like a pole (x2)

Countin' the hours waiting
Writhing in horror the darkness
Infinite daylight no mercy
Thoughts jubilant rotating

(Repeat first verse)

(Repeat second verse)

The brain is spinning
The nightmares winning
Forever laughing
The minutes clicking
The clock is ticking
In slow motion (x2)

A tortured haunted sanity waits for the final test
It's begging for forgiveness, it's begging for some rest (x2)

(Repeat fourth verse)

(Repeat third verse)

The morbid angels of your soul await the final call
And in the darkness of the night they wait for you to fall

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